Call for Volunteers!

PSAHPERD is seeking individuals who wish to join our team in 2019! If you are passionate about advancing our profession, helping PSAHPERD succeed as well as helping students across the state achieve healthy and active lifestyles, PSAHPERD has a role for you! As our needs and goals fluctuate, so will the types and numbers of active committees we have. We are currently looking for members and/or committees chairs for the following committees:

  • Marketing
  • Governance
  • Finance/Fundraising
  • Awards
  • Advocacy
  • Future Professionals

Our second call for volunteers looking to serve on a committee will take place in February. At that time, we will be looking to build the following committees:

  • Health
  • Adapted
  • Physical Education
  • School Wellness
  • Membership 
  • School Leadership

Please contact Jessica Peconi-Cook with any questions ([email protected] or 412.407.3301)  



  • Works with the Board of Directors to develop and implement a marketing plan as well as:
    • Identify the primary audience for the organization
    • Monitor the presentation of the organization’s brand
    • Ensure that the products, services, and programs of the organization remain relevant
    • Create/curate social media content


  • Led by the board treasurer
  • Oversees/offers input on the creation of the budget
  • Monitors and reports on financial status and activities
  • Ensure the financial policies and practices are followed
  • Oversee investment
  • Explores potential funding (grant and individual donor) opportunities


  • Establish policies and monitors implementation with the goal of leading the organization toward prosperity and sustainability
  • Responsible for overseeing how the board manages itself
  • Recruiting and interviewing candidates along with the executive committee for board directorship and making recommendations to the board
  • Monitors governance and compliance issues, such as conducting annual meetings and audits and filing the appropriate paperwork with state authorities along with the guidance of the Executive Director
  • Conducts annual evaluations for the executive director,  board of directors, and committees



  • Monitor legislative actions impacting the profession
  • Prepares resolutions appropriate to pending legislation
  • Create position statements on critical issues
  • Collaborates with awards committee to recruit and promote Legislative Honor awards
  • Advocates HPE on a local, state and national level

Future Professionals 

  • Plan the annual Student Leadership Conference
  • Create a learning community for future leaders